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Creative Courses & Theater

In order to achieve the goal of a project week with children - to make it unforgettable - we count creative crafting, walks with the "Tonner" farmer or a herbal walk with a herbal pedagogue, and so on to our many program offers! Our program modules offer enough space for individual support and are possible at all seasons.

Children in the hayfield
Children in the hayfield
mouse made of hay
mouse made of hay

By arrangement, we can provide the "Schlössl" for your project week with children "exclusive" at specific dates and you are undisturbed 24 hours a day.

Special Equipment:

  • new winter garden (100 m²) as additional music, creative, meditation, seminar room
  • 180 m² rehearsal or creative space that you can design as you want, or as
  • 180 m² meditation room, seminar room or contemplation room

What we can organize for you:

  • theater rehearsals with audience
  • leisure programs, social programs
  • concentration and relaxation trainer etc.

Package price

3 nights stay including full board and all underneath mentioned programs € 149.- per person (excl. transfer costs).

As transfer costs greatly differ according to the size of group, offers are individually calculated upon request.

Pick-up and drop-off service from railway station Stainach-Irdning per group € 60.-. Train connection | Local bus connection, Stop Aigen/Trafik | Local bus partners for transfers exclusively for your group. We will be pleased to provide you with specific offers.

 Example Promotion Program "Creativity & Inspiration"

Monday to Thursday, 4-day program / 3 nights


  • Arrival until midday with dinner in the Schlössl
  • Explore the area, Lido, Putterersee, Aigen
  • Summer: Putterersee, Aigen, play at the playground near the Schlössl or in the lido at the Putterersee (bathing, boating)
  • Winter: Ice skating, tobogganing, slides etc.


  • Funny forest walk with a forest pedagogue, research trip in a playful way, discover the forest with its flora and fauna, get to know its benefits
  • Summer: Toys from nature (pine cones, "maipfeiferln", natural colors) or
  • Winter: Reading traces in the snow, interesting facts about the snow and its forms


  • Felting and / or hay tinkering
  • Torchlight hike in the romantic evening landscape at the Putterersee, then hot chocolate in the Puttererseehof free of charge


  • Hike around the Putterersee
  • Departure - Goodbye!

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